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Fixing the Roof
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Toiture de bardeau

Complete renovation

Whether you need a partial repair or a complete repair of your roof, we are the experts in Centre-du-Québec. Lack of maintenance, aging of the roof, or some external elements can lead to damage to your roof that requires repair. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, a roof repair will ensure waterproofing as well as increased energy efficiency. Our specialists will help you make informed choices based on your type of roof and your needs.

refection complete


For a roof emergency in Centre-du-Québec. For private residences, businesses and industries, our technicians are available for a roofing emergency 24 hours a day as well as 7 days a week.

Réparation de toiture
Bardeau de toiture

Preventive maintenance

Throughout the year, your roof is severely tested by various elements, including:


Strong winds;

Ultraviolet rays;

Acid rains;

The snow;

Hail and ice;

Accumulations of dead leaves and residue blocking gutters and drains;

Insects and pests (carpenter ants, rodents, birds).

All of these factors that compromise the waterproofing of your roof put the structure and contents of your building at risk. It makes sense to take care of it regularly! At Discount Roofing, as a company specializing in roofing in the Centre-du-Québec.

entretie preventif


The assessment strategy is an important feature of roof maintenance. Before an inspection report can be used to set maintenance priorities, it must be determined which items require assessment within each basin and how the performance of those items can be measured.

Bardeau de toiture
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