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Climatisation chauffage
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Climatisation chauffage

Wall mounted heat pump

Know-how and technical support

Groupe TC Inc. has only been offering brands and facilities that have been recognized for over 8 years. 

Our products are tailored according to customer requirements and offered according to their specific needs. Our team will answer all your questions and ensure better energy efficiency for your equipment.


Choosing the right wall-mounted air conditioning unit
Here are some important criteria to observe:

  • The quality of the device and the service

  • Warranty

  • Installation by a contractor with the required licenses

  • The power

  • Energy efficiency

  • The price

  • The sound level

  • Air quality

  • The interview

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you select a wall-mounted air conditioner. , we have unique expertise to help you implement the best maintenance and control practices for your equipment.


Design, programming and customization
TC group. Relies on attention to detail; that of offering personalized service and superior quality wall-mounted air conditioners, so that you get the most out of your home. We are committed to all stages of selection in order to exceed your expectations.

thermopompe murale

Central heat pump

In general, the installation of a central heat pump is done in homes, equipped with air ducts: these allow the heat pump to transfer heat from one room to another. Just like the  wall-mounted heat pump , the central heat pump can be used as a heating system as well as an air conditioning system.


How a central heat pump works
In heating mode, the central heat pump produces heat to provide a comfortable room temperature in all rooms of the house.

In air conditioning mode, the cycle is reversed to cool the rooms: it is therefore not necessary to purchase an air conditioner in addition to a central heat pump, since the latter performs the air conditioning function by itself.


The advantages of the central heat pump
There are several advantages to installing a central heat pump.

First of all, in addition to being usable year-round, central heat pumps are recognized as an efficient and economical mode of heating and air conditioning, which can save you money on your electricity bills. Also, they are eco-responsible since they reduce your ecological footprint in the short and long term.

Finally, the heat pump attenuates the temperature differences between the different rooms of your house.

Climatisation chauffage, confort
thermopompe centrale
Chauffage, Climatisation, Confort

Green heating and Réno-Climat

All about government subsidies for your heating and air conditioning

In order to support and stimulate the field of energy-efficient construction and renovation in Quebec, measures have recently been permanently added to the Chauffez vert and Rénoclimat programs in Montreal.

Since adding or replacing a heat pump, an air conditioner or a heating system generally brings you significant energy savings, the provincial and federal governments offer various subsidies when you make eco-responsible purchases! Last year alone, Confort Expert handled more than 1,000 subsidy cases for air conditioning, heating and heat pump systems in Montreal. Since certain conditions must be respected, it is very important to be well informed and to trust professionals. At Confort Expert, our representatives are extremely well trained in the field and will be able to give you the facts about your possible eligibility for the Rénoclimat, Chauffez vert and Canadian grant for greener homes programs.

Here are the main government assistance programs:

Canada's Greener Homes Grant
helps homeowners make their homes more energy efficient, helping to fight climate change.

With the purchase of a new energy-efficient heat pump, you could receive up to $5,000* and a free inspection of your home (blower door test) as part of the initiative.
* Certain conditions apply.

Your Rénoclimat subsidy  

The Quebec provincial grant  Renoclimat  is available to you when you choose an Energy Star* qualified heat pump, whether it's a replacement or a completely new installation. Note that a blower door test (or airtightness test) is required to determine your eligibility.
* Certain conditions apply.

Benefit from a Chauffez vert program  

The government program  Heat Green  encourages the replacement of heating systems or water heaters using oil or propane with a less polluting system (usually electric)*. Depending on the case, the rebate can reach up to $1,275 for a heating system and $250 for a water heater (for a single-family home).
* Certain conditions apply.

NEWS: Permanent measures for the Chauffez Vert program – In effect for work starting from May 11, 2020

Simplified participation procedure:

The owner must ensure that his project meets the requirements of the program, gather the required supporting documents, then claim financial assistance using the online form, after having completed his work.


Registration for the program is done after the work.

Addition of an amount of $350 for the installation or replacement of an ENERGY STAR® certified heat pump, for both existing homes and new constructions.

Please note that it is mandatory to register for this program before starting work, otherwise you will not be eligible. You can check your eligibility with  TEQ .
Collaboration with Hydro-Québec since February 15, 2021

Financial assistance for the installation or replacement of a heat pump eligible under the Chauffez vert program is now offered by Hydro-Québec. Chauffez vert remains the way to access it until a link is made later with the programs of Hydro-Québec.

chauffez vert

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