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Air conditioning, heating

                  The advantages of the ceiling system

This centralized and reversible system has several qualities
significant benefits from which more and more owners benefit:

Optimized delivery

With its flexible ducts hidden in the ceilings, this centralized system can heat or cool each
room in the house evenly. In addition, this air pulsed from the ceiling grilles prevents
the problem of heat leaking to the top of the rooms, and the cold to the bottom.
You will therefore benefit from a perfectly distributed ambient temperature.

Optimal comfort
The freshness or gentle heat propelled uniformly in the rooms provides
occupants with much-desired comfort.
“Thermal comfort” appreciated all year round!

Guaranteed aesthetics
Because it is located in the attic and in the ceilings of the home, this system is virtually invisible.
No radiators or electric baseboards, only discreet and aesthetic grilles on the ceiling
of each room served.

Savings sought 
In spring, fall and early winter, the heat pump of the ceiling system
offers a more than appreciable energy saving. Less energy consumed,
therefore less to pay on your bills.

Maximum insulation 

At Groupe TC, our logic is to isolate the blower and the ducts as much as possible.
of the system to minimize thermal losses. So you benefit from everything
throughout the year for optimal heating and air conditioning efficiency.

Drainage tray
Over time, dirt can block the drain, causing damage.
water on the ceiling. To prevent this from happening, we always make sure to install
a drainage failure with float. Effective security that will put you to sleep
quiet, every night.


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