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Roof snow removal

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For safe snow removal

Protect your property with roof snow removal

Want to avoid the damage that a build-up of snow and ice can cause during the winter? Do you want to follow the recommendations of insurance companies to avoid trouble and preserve the value of your investment? Roof snow and ice removal is the best preventive measure to protect your property. Consult us for snow and ice removal from your sloping or flat roof!

Roof snow removal, preventive maintenance against:

Roof collapse: Accumulations of snow and ice represent a significant weight overload on your roof and the structure of your property. They can even expose the roof to collapse. It is recommended to remove snow from a roof when accumulations reach 12 inches.

Ice Dam: Just like snow removal, roof de-icing is very important to prevent damage to your property. In addition, ice dams can come loose from the roof, which is dangerous for you or for passers-by. If you notice significant accumulations of ice, consult us.

Water Accumulation in Spring: When the snow and ice begin to melt, significant amounts of water can stagnate on your roof. Such a situation is conducive to infiltration in the attic and water damage can even occur inside the house. Snow removal from your roof in the spring is your best bet for preventing these risks.


Whatever your roof, think about snow removal!

Residential and Commercial Flat Roof : If the roof of your home or business is flat, snow and ice are more likely to accumulate on it.

Sloping roof: Even if your roof has a steep slope, snow does not always slide on it and ice can clump together on the sides. And if the slope is rather low, the risks of accumulation are as present as with a flat roof.


Entrust your roof snow removal to our professionals!

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